Zero SR/F: an electric motorcycle with 320 km of autonomy that is charged in 1 hour

Electric motorcycle Zero SR/F

The holders of the last months are full of electric with increasingly interesting autonomies and upload speeds . But those capabilities rarely reach the world of motorcycles. Perhaps due to a lack of budget or perhaps due to the difficulties posed by miniaturization. However, here we show you that you can make a bike with specifications more typical of an electric car: the Zero SR/F . An electric motorcycle capable of traveling 322 km and almost full load in just 1 hour.

The electric motorcycle manufactured by the house Zero has been unveiled in Manhattan, New York. And although its benefits are far from models such as the LS-218, announces a not inconsiderable top speed of 200 km/h. Even so, in what is especially fast this bike is at its loading speed . Since its managers announce that it can be loaded up to 95% load in 1 hour .

The heart of the Zero SR/F

After its setting A point during the last weeks, the bike has been presented by the brand CEO Sam Paschel. In his presentation, he put the accent on his new ZForce 75-10 engine, which replaces the ZForce 75-7 as the most powerful of the firm.

Engine of the electric motorcycle Zero SR/F

The ZForce 75-10 is capable of delivering 107 horsepower and 190 Nm of torque. Not bad for a 220 kg motorcycle. It is mounted coaxially , which means that it shares the same axle as the rear swingarm. Thanks to this reduces mechanical complexity and always maintains the proper tension for the belt.

The battery of the Zero SR/F span>

But leaving aside the capabilities of your engine, the most important of the Zero SR/F are its 14.4 kWh batteries and its PowerTank With both 100% loaded you can travel 322 km . Without the additional 3.6 kWh of that "power tank" the motorcycle can only travel 257 km in the city or around 129 km on the highway. The warranty for the batteries is 5 years with no mileage limit.

Zero states that the SR/F is the first motorcycle fully connected to the IOT The rider can see and modify the performance parameters of the bike remotely and, like Tesla cars, Zero can send satellite updates.

What is the IOT or Internet of Things

The so-called Internet of Things is the framework of devices with their own IP address that are capable of send data without need for the human intervention . They can be computers, photo cameras, smartphones, a car, a motorbike ... All of them with the ability to interconnect and send information about its operation, needs or situation.

 Rear of the Zero SR/F electric motorcycle

If you do not want to wait, you will have to scratch yourself the pocket

Unfortunately, to get the loading speed of the SR/F, you have to pay a plus. Actually this electric motorcycle has different charging options which vary greatly the waiting time. The most basic of all includes a 3 kW charger that recharges up to 95% in 4 hours , with a 220V household plug.And finally, you can choose the Premium version of the SR/F, which allows you to reduce that time to 1 hour. The Zero SR/F has a price in Spain of 20,890 euros for the Standard version. The Premium version, which also includes aluminum counterbalances, heated cupola and cuffs, costs € 23,090.

Both models have the same stability control for motorcycles manufactured by Bosch, which includes advanced control functions such as anti-lock brakes and cornering assistance . The user can configure the intrusion level of the dynamic traction control and how to deliver power and torque. The Zero SR/F is already in full production and can be ordered on its website.

Batteries of the Zero SR electric motorcycle/F

The competition of the Zero SR/F

The electric motorcycle industry is growing at times. While the Zero SR/F is a good example of this there are other very interesting offers that will end up coming to the Spanish market . For example, the California electric motorcycle company Lightning has its own sports range that will launch next month. The new Lightning Strike has been announced by its managers as the first real competition for Zero. Its starting price is only 12,998 dollars (11,441 euros at the current rate), and although it has a higher maximum speed, 241 km/h, its autonomy is below: only 240 km.

Another American manufacturer of motorcycles will also launch another highly anticipated model later this year: the Harley-Davidson LiveWire. This bike is equipped with a large amount of technology and has a price of 29,799 dollars (26,230 euros). A price that reserves to the most affluent clients. The funny thing is that the SR/F offers double the autonomy for 6,000 euros less.

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