These are the prices of the new BMW 3 Series for Spain according to configurator

BMW Series 3 finishes

The seventh generation of the BMW 3 Series has been presented this week, as you know, at the Paris Motor Show . The new model for segment D of the Bavarian firm is committed to a conservative design and greater dimensions in this new model, taking advantage of all the technology developed by the brand in recent times, such as a greater number of driving assistants or the digital instrument panel.

Having said that, it seems that BMW was very keen to present this model and launch it on the market. Although it will still be several weeks until the new BMW 3 Series lands in the Spanish dealers of the brand - in fact, its dynamic international presentation to the press has not yet taken place, we can start playing with the configurator.

BMW 3 Series Engine

Even though the moment can only be set with two engines , we can start to select the equipment and extras that we would like the most for our BMW 3 Series, as well as to get an idea of ​​the price it can cost us. At the moment, this saloon only appears available with the 330i gasoline engine, as well as with the 320d diesel .

BMW 3 Series prices

Engine Change Traction Price
Engine Change Traction Price
330i 258 CV automatic rear 47,250 euros
330i 258 hp automatic sports rear 47,486 euros
320d 190 hp automatic rear 43,700 euros
320d 190 hp automatic sports trasera43,927 euros
320d xDrive 190 hp automatic integral 46,300 euros
320d xDrive 190 hp automatic sports integral 46,527 euros
BMW 3 Series

As you can see in the table above, the price of departure for this new model of the BMW 3 Series is 43,700 euros , which corresponds to the 320d mechanics of 190 hp associated with automatic transmission. In xDrive version of total traction for this same engine starts at 46,300 euros. For its part, the 330i gasoline, which is only offered for the moment with rear propulsion starts at 47,250 euros. Little by little, more versions will be appearing .

BMW offers us in its new Series 3 a base finish, Sport sports finishing at a price of 2,500 euros, a Luxury finish that increases the price at 4,000 euros and the sporty M finish that costs 5,000 euros . It can be configured with nine exterior colors, 17 types of wheels with measures of 17, 18 and 19 inches, six interior trim finishes and several equipment packages, as well as numerous optional.

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