These are the most reliable brands according to Consumer Reports; and eye, that there is American decline

Lexus GX

One of the assessments that makes vehicle manufacturers tremble the most, especially in the United States, it is Consumer Reports . They are responsible for analyzing, scoring and evaluating the opinions and defects of more than 500,000 users of new cars to decide, according to the breakdowns or problems they have had, which are the brands and most reliable cars , and also less reliable, of course.

With half a million users pouring information to Consumer Reports about their cars, the ratings of each vehicle are already quite "fine-tuned". For any manufacturer, it is important to be at the top of this annual survey. According to data from 2018, Asian brands are still the most reliable , while American brands do not go very well.

Consumer Reports shows us the rating of 29 vehicle brands , making an average of all the results of their models.Surprising the Mazda evolution from one year to another, it has climbed no less than nine positions in this ranking. Great work by the brand of Hiroshima that sneaks on the podium.

To find the first non-Asian brand we have to go down to the seventh row, where Audi appears, followed by BMW and MINI. For its part, the American automotive brand is Ford, located in the 18th position of this ranking.

Test Volvo S90 V90

Surprisingly, the worst rated brand according to this study is Volvo , which has fallen no more than six positions and he gets 10 points less than the second-to-last on this list, Cadillac. Equal points that Cadillac, and having also lost six places, we find Tesla, whose model is rated lowest Model X. The company that has lost more posts compared to last year is Buick, who is in 19th position having lost nothing less than eleven.

Source - Consumer Reports

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