The Nissan Qashqai opens a gasoline engine seen in Mercedes and Renault

Rear Nissan Qashqai

A model that has also been quite affected by the change in regulations and the new WLTP cycle is Nissan Qashqai , although the truth is that it is already recovering engines and covering the range of powers that it had before. Yes, at the expense of using new more efficient propulsion systems.

Just a couple of weeks ago, the best-selling SUV in our country incorporated a new diesel engine of 115 HP, based on the famous Renault 1.5 dCi block . Now incorporates two new petrol variants , which come to replace the previous engines 1.2 and 1.6 DIG-T that developed 115 and 163 HP.

It is a block 1.332 cc engine . with supercharging by turbo. It is available in 140 and 160 HP versions, exactly the same as the newly updated Renault Kadjar. Likewise, this propellant is the result of the collaboration between Renault, Nissan and Mercedes , the famous Alliance. In fact, we tested it a while back in the new Mercedes A Class.

Nissan Qashqai tail light
Denomination Power Par Mixed consumption Maximum speed Time 0 to 100
Denomination Power Torque Mixed consumption Maximum speed Time 0 to 100
DIG-T 140 140 CV 240 Nm 5.3 l/100 km 193 km/h 10.7 seconds
DIG-T 160 160 CV 260 Nm 5.3 l/100 km 200 km/h 8.9 seconds

The 140 HP version of this new propuls or 1.3 is available, according to the brand configurator, in all the finishes of the model, as well as the 160 HP variant. Of course, at the moment it seems that only offer associated with the 6-speed manual transmission and the front-wheel drive , but sure they are available soon.