The next Porsche Macan will only be electric, gasoline is over ...

The next Porsche Macan will only be electric

The Porsche Macan The next generation will be offered exclusively with electrical transmissions . The medium SUV thus becomes part of the electrical strategy of the German brand. A movement that takes it further away from the traditional technology of internal combustion engines.

At the press conference, the makers of the manufacturer said that: "The Supervisory Board of Porsche AG has decided to manufacture the next generation of Macan as a fully electric series. " Which means that the Macan that will hit the market in 2021 will become the third electric Porsche.

How will the future Macan electric

No further details have been revealed about the electric power trains that this SUV But, the most likely configuration is that of an electric motor for each axis , with which it would get four-wheel drive . That is, the same distribution as the more expensive version of the Taycan. Although, like the generation of the Macan that is on sale today, the electric SUV will also be offered with different power levels . Therefore, it is early to discard a version with a single front engine.

Porsche Macan electric for 2021

Commenting on the decision to turn the Macan into an electric model , Porsche president Oliver Blume said: "Electric mobility and Porsche combine perfectly, not only because they share the high-efficiency approach, but especially because of its sporting nature. "

The new Macan, which has been in development for more than two years, will be the first model based on the vehicle platform Premium Electric Platform (PPE) which is designed by Porsche and Audi. According to its managers, it is more flexible and has been conceived to be adaptable to models of different sizes and heights.

Electrification in the Volkswagen Group

Confirmation that the new Macan will be only Electric suggests that Audi can take a similar route with the third generation Q5. The two models currently share many mechanical elements. Although the best sales of the model of the four rings can delay this measure for some years.

It is expected that the concept of the future electric macan be presented at some point in time. this year . There are even rumors that place him in the imminent Geneva Motor Show 2019. We will inform you as soon as there is confirmation.

Screenshots - Porsche Macan S SportDesign Package

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