The new Lamborghini Hurricane Evo Spyder unveiled before Geneva

Lamborghini Hurricane Evo Spyder

Lamborghini has unveiled its new Hurricane Evo Spyder before its official presentation at the Geneva Motor Show. The convertible supercar follows the wake of Hurricane Evo that was shown to the public at the end of last year. Like that one, it has a V10 atmospheric engine of 5.2 liters that yields 639 CV. Which allows you to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in in 3.1 seconds. That is, 0.2 seconds slower than the coupé.

However, the maximum speed of both versions is identical with 325 km/h of top speed. A surprising fact considering that the Spyder weighs 120 kg more than the fixed roof version. Much of that extra weight is due to the mechanism of the soft top of the supercar. A electro-hydraulic system that takes 17 seconds to remove it if it is traveling less than 50 km/h.

Motor noise or more motor noise, you choose

 Lamborghini Huracan Evo Spyder on the road

The automatic pop-up bars are placed behind the seats. The rear window can be opened and closed electrically, whether the roof is folded or not. This allows the engine sound of the car to be more or less noticeable to the occupants.

Like the coupé, Hurricane Evo Spyder has new technologies such as the > steering on the rear wheels and the torque distribution for the four wheels , to improve its dynamics. Lamborghini says that the aerodynamics of this car is also maintained, while the air flow of the cabin is "minimized" to ensure a "silent environment". Of course, as long as the V10 is not doing its thing.