The Fiat Panda gets zero Euro NCAP stars, do you have a good excuse?

Fiat Panda 0 stars Euro NCAP

If a few days ago I told you that the Jeep Wrangler He had stuck a good milk in the famous Euro NCAP crash test , today I have to inform you of the second "zero star" case in history. In the latest safety results publications, the Fiat Panda appears, which remains, as it did months ago with the Fiat Punto, without obtaining a single star.

El Fiat Panda has been on the market for many years and, although it has received some slight updates during this time, it is a veteran car . To give you an idea, this model went through the crash tests for the first time in 2011, where it obtained four stars. So, if seven years ago he got four stars and now he does not get any, Panda 2018 is much more insecure than seven years ago? No, no and no.

In order to be more demanding with the car manufacturers in this regard, and thus improve the safety of all road users, each It is harder and harder to get a high score in these crash tests . Cars are increasingly safer, with clear jumps when there are generational relays. If, as in this case, we score a veteran car again, the result will always be catastrophic.

Analysis Fiat Panda 2018 Score Fiat Panda Score 2011
Analysis Fiat Panda 2018 Score Fiat Panda Score 2011
Occupants Adults 45% 82%
Occupants for children 16% 63%
Pedestrians 47% 49%
Security Assistants 7% 43%

The 2018 Fiat Panda does not it is less safe than the one in 2011. The table above does not reflect that, but how the requirement for crash tests has evolved. uro NCAP ; where now active security assistants are highly valued to avoid or reduce traffic accidents and their consequences. Precisely because of this, because the Panda is a veteran car and does not have systems such as automatic emergency braking, lane maintenance or adaptive speed control, its score in attendants is so low.

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