The Fiat 500 family will receive the "120th" edition at the Geneva Motor Show

Fiat 500 120th range

Today, a company belonging to the sector of the car meet 120 years of history is complicated. Fiat is one of them, and as such figure is not achieved without sweat and sacrifice, wants to celebrate with new features in its range. For this, taking advantage of the Geneva Motor Show is about to open its doors, will bring several surprises. However, before the Palexpo opens its doors he has wanted to unveil them.

Keeping the tonic of his latest novelties, he will go to the Swiss appointment with several special series. important is that which has the denomination "120th" and which is aimed at commemorating its name day. In addition, to enhance its dissemination, has decided to incorporate it into the family Fiat 500 , which today, is who capitalizes their sales. In addition, the Panda and Type will not go empty either, reaffirming the trust of the brand in them.

Fiat 500 "120th", elegance in mini format

Fiat 500 120th

The Fiat 500 represents 56.5 percent of family sales in Europe. Reaching, and maintaining, this market share is not easy, but the key is logical: to have almost infinite personalization possibilities. Thus, the 500 "120" arrives dressed in color two-tone Tuxedo , the lower one being white and the upper one black. The 16-inch alloy wheels are also black, although in this case they incorporate incrustations in bronze shades.

On the inside, the center plate on the dashboard stands out in black with the logo 500 embroidery . Next to it we find a black tapestry with white stripes of fine size to give a touch of elegance. The mats and other sconces are also exclusive to this version. Finally, the UConnect system with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto will not be missing from the envelope. The mechanical range will be composed of blocks 1.2 Fire of 69 HP, 0.9 Twin Air of 85 HP and 1.2 Fire LPG of 69 CV.

The 500L "120th" is the most discreet, but very versatile

 Fiat 500L 120th

The Fiat 500L is the ugly duckling of the Italian family. Maybe it's because its aesthetic is not as successful as in the 500X , but nobody can deny its versatility. Thus, with 17.5 percent of sales in Europe, the brand is still confident in its history. For this reason, the 500L "120th" repeats the same aesthetic scheme as the small one in the house. Thus, your body has customization Tonedo two-tone (black and white).

The body stands out for including elements finished in Myron , 17-inch alloy wheels in black and copper. Inside the seats are upholstered in eco-friendly fabric and leather or the fiber stripe of the dashboard. In the mechanical range is available the petrol block 1.4 Fire 95 hp or the diesel 1.3 MultiJet II 95 hp and 1.6 MultiJet II 120 CV.However, with the arrival of the "120th" version they expect their numbers to increase. As a great novelty, the 500X had never equipped the ceiling in contrast and in this edition opens with the body two-tone Tuxedo (black and white) . As in the rest of his brothers, other tones are also available, such as Pearl Tuxedo and Silver Tuxedo.

The Fiat 500X "120th" incorporates other changes in his body, as mirrors, anagrams, 120 anniversary anniversaries or details in color Black Cinema . Inside, the copper-colored upholstery contrasts with the strip of the dashboard and doors. Along with these changes, we find an endowment that is enriched with Full LED headlights , parking sensors or light and rain sensors.

Finally, the mechanical range will consist of two gasoline options and two diesel options. First of all, there is the well-known 1.6 E-torq of 110 HP and the new 1.0 FireFly with 120 HP. In diesel, the 1.3 MultiJet II 95 HP and 1.6 MultiJet II 120 HP

And the Other Fiat that we will see in Geneva are:

Fiat Panda Connected by Wind

Fiat Panda by Wind

The Fiat Panda is a very important pillar in the range of the Italian manufacturer. In spite of his seniority he keeps some remarkable sales and for that reason, he arrives in Geneva with a new special series. The Panda Connected by Wind is equipped with 4G internet connection (although for now it will only be available in Italy). Thanks to this, passengers can connect and navigate by sharing a network with up to 50 GB of data on a monthly basis.

But also to increase the attractiveness of the Panda, the designers They have endowed with some changes. With them, they want to attract younger customers , because they are most prone to new technologies. Thus, it incorporates orange mirror covers, new upholstery and alloy wheels. The mechanics available is the well-known 1.2 Fire of 69 CV and manual transmission.

The Sport Type Fiat could not miss in the Palexpo

Fiat Sport Type

The Fiat Sport Type is the latest addition to the Italian compact range. It has just been officially presented, but it will not be until Geneva that we can see it in person. For its development the firm has counted on the collaboration of Mopar , although at a mechanical level it does not present important news. However, we should not overlook that the 500,000 unit of this model has corresponded to the Sport Type .

Aesthetically, the appliques stand out in black color that you have received in paragoples , alloy wheels, roof or door handle. The optical groups go on to incorporate the bi-xenon technology, substantially improving the light capacity.