Professional Taxi Services

Whether you need to catch a ride across town or you're needing a lift to the airport, VIP Taxi can take care of you. We do it all---scheduled transportation or on the fly pick-ups to any location within our service area. Ready to hit the casino? Shopping trip? Concert? Hop in. We're just a phone call away.

When you have a business meeting to attend or an interview, the last thing you need is to worry about finding your way there or being on time, so why not let us escort you? Our taxi driver can ensure you and your co-workers arrive on time with no hassle!

For a fun day of shopping, an extravagant night on the town and more, we can bring you there or pick you up. Free up your time from driving and really enjoy your day while our drivers get your safely to and from your destination.

What better start your night at the casino than arriving there via taxi? This way you can really have fun and not have to worry about getting your car back home.

Planning to fly soon? Never worry again about missing your flight or having to deal with parking. Our taxi services take care of those worries.