Jetta: a new brand of the Volkswagen Group for the Chinese market

Jetta - Volkswagen Group logo

The automotive sector It is one of the most ambivalent in terms of operation. On the one hand we talk about the atomization that suffers and on the other, we do not stop seeing how new brands arise. Both situations are contrary, because the world population is what it is and the volume of sales can not be expanded eternally. However, while the collapse comes, we already have a new firm among us, Jetta ​​strong>.

Yes, gentlemen, the Jetta ​​strong> name is well known and Thanks to a Volkswagen model. Well, you do not have to squeeze your brains to know who is behind it. This new brand, has been created expressly by the German consortium to meet the high demand in the Chinese market, but we should not be deceived. The reason is simple, this banner will be called like that, but its products will have nothing to do with those we already know about the consortium in this part of the world.

This brand inherits the name of the Volkswagen Jetta ​​h2>
Jetta Sedan

Jetta ​​strong> is the result of the collaboration agreement signed by the constructor Chinese FAW and the Volkswagen Group. Some time ago the rumors about this birth began to expand, but it has not been until now that they have been confirmed. However, now that they are reality and we already know what awaits us, we will tell you what they are working on and what their aspirations are.

Today, Volkswagen sells in China a model named Jetta ​​strong>. So far normal, because except for Europe, is sold in half the world. However, the product we are talking about has nothing to do with the one we met a few days ago at the Chicago Auto Show , but with a much older one. Well, the new brand of the Volkswagen Group will market a version of this same model although it will do so at a much more contained price and with a lower level of quality.

 Jetta SUV rear

The second model that will be marketed by Jetta ​​strong> is a SUV . Because of the images they have published, it seems that the designers of the brand have been inspired by the Seat Ateca . For now, we do not know if it will maintain any kind of kinship with the Spanish model, but it would not be surprising. Both the front and the rear design could be extrapolated, so perhaps they wanted to bet on lines that would please their audience.

In any case, considering that the approach of Jetta is aimed at low cost , the quality of both products should be fair. Still, there are still no images of the interior of both models, but they could also share basic design lines . Another aspect is the equipment, which will have to be smaller to reduce costs and thus attract less affluent customers.

Was it really necessary to create Jetta for China?

Jetta SUV front

The commercial launch of Jetta ​​strong> in China is planned for the third quarter of this year. When it does, expect to have more than 200 points of sale. However, these showrooms will not be as we know them, but will be installed in large commercial areas and will be digital .It is true that only in the Asian country there are more than one billion inhabitants, but not everyone can drive, nor can everyone afford to buy a car. Subtracting this high volume of population , the market decreases significantly, so there are only two possible solutions. First, that firms begin to disappear due to the growing competition, or second, that the alliances make more than one disappear.

We will have to see how the Volkswagen Group manages this situation, but adding Jetta ​​strong> to your portfolio seems a complication. Audi and Volkswagen are settled; Seat is about to make the jump and Skoda every day that goes by has a better name. It is true that Jetta would help in the lower part of the range, but there will come a point where they will not be able to continue diversifying their offer.

Source - Volkswagen Group

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