Grand Prix of Monaco of F1 2018: Schedules and retransmissions

Monaco GP curve 2016

The F1 Monaco Grand Prix is ​​coming 2018 , a date on the calendar that few want to miss, because in Montecarlo, one of the most anticipated and exclusive races of the calendar takes place, where cars will roll through the streets of the principality a few centimeters from the walls and in occasions impacting with them. One of the toughest and most demanding GPs with respect to the driver, as they must maintain 100% concentration so as not to make an error, since they pay very expensive here ...

It is precisely this feature cirucito for which we have quite interesting and interesting races, in addition, the peculiarities of the layout make the cars that have not stood out so far because they have too much drag or power deficit can have their moment of glory because they are short stretches without long straights. Here, the first thing is to have a good aerodynamic and mechanical grip, as well as a good response from the engine to make it easier to drive.

Monaco GP

So Red Bull can give a pleasant surprise here , and we will see how the MCL33 of McLaren behaves, since it seems that they have achieved greater grip with the new nose and updates of the GP of Spain, but perhaps in terms of mechanical grip and drivability are not in the best positions. Especially since the update of Spain, the McLaren seems to have become faster, but more abrupt. We will see how the engineers can deal with that and if we see a step back in the Monaco GP to remove some of those novelties or make a mix between the new and the old specification as indicated by Lando Norris after getting out of the car in the Montmeló tests.

You know you can follow it on TV thanks to Movistar F1 which has exclusivity in Spain. As for the schedules so you do not miss anything , remember that here the Free 1 and 2 are on Thursday and not on Friday as in the rest of the circuits. On Friday, he rests and returns on Saturday and Sunday with the rest of the sessions:

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Day Session Time
May 24 Free practice 1 11:00
May 24 Free practice 2 15: 00
May 26 Free practice 3 12:00
May 26 Classification 15:00
May 27 Race 15:00


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