Grand Prix of Monaco of F1 2018: Results of the free

Red Bull in Monaco

The Red Bull have been very strong here doing the best times both in the first session of free practice and in the second session. Both cars of energy drinks have been comfortable in the layout and, despite some small problems, have been able to make some good times with the softest tire. We already knew that in this circuit they would be strong, but probably in classification Mercedes and Ferrari with those special engine maps can take a step forward and get ahead. Anyway, in the race the Red Bull go very well and we will see what happens on Sunday, although it is complicated to overtake here ...

The Mercedes have been pessimistic in this GP of Monaco of F1 2018 , although they will be saving something for Saturday, but due to the characteristics of their car, they do not seem comfortable in this special layout. We will see if they have commented as the third team here or achieve something more. As for its immediate competitors, Ferrari, they have also run without problems, making good times from the start and seem favorites to take the pole and win the race. Here they have already brought the new mirrors retrovidores mounted on the halo but modified without the aerodynamic profile to make them legal, and have mounted a double oil sensor by the query made by Mercedes on the legality of the system of Maranello that could be violating the regulation and getting some extra horses from their electric part with some kind of picarezca.

Sainz at the Renault in Monaco 2018
As for Carlos Sainz, they have had some problems here without too much importance, tweaking some settings to feel comfortable with the car again and making some good times to enter Q3 on Saturday if everything goes well. In addition, they have released some aerodynamic novelties in the barge boards. Fernando Alonso has had more problems , since they have found something problematic in his car and he has run very little, which is negative to get confidence here. The session of free 1 has been spent out of the car much of it and the mechanics seeing what they could solve. Then he was able to shoot, but that coupled with the fact that last year he did not shoot, it's not a good thing for this event where you need to shoot a lot. Despite this he has been able to make good times and I hope he is in Q3.

Be careful here because the red flags and the Safety Car have a high probability of appearing because of the closeness of the walls and touches that can occur. We will see also in the free session, because when they get more and pass, it could impact and leave the car destroyed without the possibility of qualifying as has happened in the past. So you have to be 100% confident and attentive to what may happen.However, to the detriment of the spectators, the forecasts do not give chances of rain, so we are not going to live a race in the wet .

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