French Grand Prix of F1 2018: Schedules and retransmissions

Photograph by Paul Richard: French GP

One of the great cricuitos of the F1 history, since in the F1 2018 championship we will again have the French GP , a race that disappeared from the calendar a few years ago. He does it to welcome the Renault team back on his home circuit after so many years of absence and receive Carlos Sainz and Fernando Alonso, since the Spaniard, although not in Renault, did win the two titles for the firm gala and they have special love there, in addition to Renault engine in his McLaren MCL33.

Also, after the problems of the previous races, that Fernando already adds two consecutive dropouts for reliability, we will see if here comes back strong in a track where he has shot in the past (in test) and we'll see if that gives him a plus. And more with the injection of positivism after having conquered France in the 24 hours of Le Mans in this past weekend. Fernando has not had to leave French lands and already has to climb another car, although this will not be as competitive as he has had in the WEC, that Toyota TS050 Hybrid ...

Paul Richard: circuit map

Paul Richard's circuit returns with those characteristics that you like so much when you drive a car there, even in a simulator or video game. It's a circuit with enough similarities to the Canadian GP , including a chicane when entering the main straight and other curves that look very similar. Therefore, it seems that in principle it will be a complicated appointment for the McLaren, that in Canada we saw it in the worst of its forms because that circuit combined the qualities that highlight the deepest deficiencies of the MCL33 chassis and also that it adapted little to the Renault with its straight lines.

Therefore, we could find something very similar to the one seen in Canada and eye Mercedes, since the previous appointment seemed like a circuit for them and they did not measure up, and if this circle looks as much as I think it could be another bad news for them and so that Sebastian Vettel can take even more advantage of his leadership in the World Cup he won in Montreal. But so you do not miss anything, you know you have an appointment this weekend in Movistar F1 every day:

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Day Session Time
Friday 22nd June Free practice 1 11:00
Friday 22nd June Free practice 2 15:00
Saturday June 23 Free practice 3 12:00
Saturday June 23 Classification 15:00
Sunday 24th June Race 15:10
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