F1 Grand Prix of 2018: Results of the free practice

Sebastian Vettel in the GP of FRancia 2018

Good turn of the GP of France of F1 2018 after a few years without a big prize. The circuit has been modified a lot and has little to do with what was, they have even resurfaced the circuit with an asphalt similar to the GP of Spain, but it seems that it has suffered damage when they have run other categories and have had to resurface with pretty abrasive patches for the tires and is something that worries many. In addition, the track was quite dirty as we could see and little by little it has been cleaned, but there have been many track exits for this, besides being a new circuit that some like Fernando Alonso have not tried in the simulator ...

In the first session of free practice 1 we saw some problems for Ferrari, Force India, Sauber, McLaren, etc., which have had track exits due to the greenness of the race. track. Hamilton also took a major scare and almost hit the back of Vandoorne McLaren and had to go straight out of the track to avoid a major accident. By the way, talking about dangerous situations I find the configuration of this circuit a little absurd, it is worth to the one who designed it because the curators have seen the danger of entering the pit lane because it is right after leaving a curve where the car goes out (left) and the entrance is suddenly to the right so you have to turn sharply and cross the track to enter.

 Fernando at the MCL33 in France

That could be quite dangerous and the FIA ​​stewards have decided to limit the speed of the street at 60km/h, so everyone will opt for 1 stop in the race, so as not to lose too much time for this. In addition to that entry that has been much talked about in the media, I also consider the exit of the pit lane quite dangerous, and in fact I have noticed several cars that have had problems with the reincorporations and riders who came down the straight line. goal. The reason is similar to that of the entrance, the exit marked by the white line that you must not exceed is right in an area that is taken at the end of the straight line, turning right to be able to trace the curve that there is, therefore the cars in track invade almost the entire lane and cars leaving the box are forced to brake or almost leave the track.

And since we are with the scares, also Marcus Ericsson has left in the free 1 and has strongly impacted the barriers, leaving the car very damaged and producing a fire in the area of ​​the engine hood. That has left him out of combat for the free 2.We will see if today's situation improves for ours, because the long straight could affect the times of less powerful engines and that have a lot of drag, like McLaren.

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