F1 2019: calendar and the complete grid of drivers and teams

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Once the F1 2018 world championship is over, you now have a well-deserved vacation for the pilots and teams, although certainly the engineers have been working for some time now on next year's cars, since in a few weeks they will start to build and the technical regulation of F1 2019 has changed as now you know and we tell you in AM. Both the rear wing and the front will be different, the rear being an oversized super racer and the front will be wider to match the width of the car, but much simpler at the ends, avoiding having those boxes and aerodynamic profiles like today./p>

That is, front wings somewhat more similar to those of other lower categories or the Indy, to encourage overtaking as they say. However, we will see if that is true or not, since every change they make is made to improve the show and then we find that it has not worked or that certain teams manage to take advantage once more and distance themselves instead of approaching ... Current ailerons, with these vortex generators, make that when approaching the car in front of you in fast corners you lose a lot of load in the wake or slipstream that the front car leaves, so it is more complicated to stay stuck during the whole lap to throw Car. That is what is intended to improve with these new wings.

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That said, you will also know, how we have come counting in AM, the changing that has been the grill with the pilot market so animated.