China GP of F1 2018: Schedules and retransmissions

Straight line at the Chinese GP

The interesting Bahrain GP ended where we saw a lot of action on the track, some interesting battles and overtaking, something that did not appear in the GP of Australia. Now we go to the third appointment with just one week between one event and another. The F1 Chinese GP of 2018 comes this weekend to bring more excitement to racing fans. There we will probably see some changes in the grid hierarchy due to the peculiarities of Bahrain, although what can be taken for granted is that Ferrari and Mercedes will continue to be the first.

This circuit may be more Mercedes than Bahrain, where historically it has been good for Ferrari. So the two victories of Vettel, who have placed him leader in the points table for the world, can not be transformed into 3 or maybe yes. The Shanghai circuit is quite interesting, and several riders like it. It has two long straights where you need power to get good top speed, but there are also interesting curves where you need good traction and load. We will see what the commissaries decide in this circuit, since in Australia they put a 3rd zone of DRS and in Bahrain they enlarged it 100m to encourage overtaking ...

Shanghai F1 Circuit

Shanghai Circuit

Whatever you do, I hope it is interesting and we will be attentive to all the news and the results of the sessions next weekend. You already know that the only alternative in Spain to watch F1 is Movistar F1 , once Vodafone has decided to withdraw and not renew their agreement with Movistar and that they have exclusive rights in our country, eliminating also the availability of the official streaming platform that has launched Liberty Media (and that porcierto, it seems that in these first GPs is not working in its fullness and are testing ...).

By the way, unfortunately play early or watch it in deferred ... As for the schedules and sessions , you can see the following table so you do not miss anything:

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Day Session Schedule
April 13 Free practice 1 4:00
April 13 Free practice 2 8:00
April 14 Free practice 3 5:00
April 14 Classification 8:00
April 15 Race 8:10
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