The tight schedule of Fernando Alonso's races for 2018

Fernando Alonso will have a busy schedule in 2018 , he has barely gotten out of Daytona's LMP2 a few days ago and soon began the preseason of F1 2018, to then start the season. This year there will be no rest for Alonso and when he gets off the F1 car he will practically have to run to get on the WEC LMP1 car and he will also attend the 24 hours of Le Mans as we have already counted in AM. That's why, so that you do not miss any of the performances of your idol, we are going to try to make a calendar of the races.

There are already some those who criticize this season of the Asturian, saying that he could not do it or that will be something that will hurt your performance. But the truth is that if he manages to do it, beyond the results, he will show that at his age he is still a real racing animal. And surely in 2019 we will see him again in the Indy 500 back to get his prized victory. An authentic madness that demonstrates his unconditional passion for motorsport. Also lately he has not closed the doors to NASCAR ... but he keeps insisting that his priority is still F1.

In addition, the commitment of Fernando Alonso Toyota is for the super season, so it will also play 3 more races in 2019 of the WEC.