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No matter the time of day or night, no matter the destination, VIP Taxi is here for you. Always. We provide 24/7 professional taxi services you can rely on. Just give us a call and we'll be there promptly to escort you anywhere you need to go
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VIP Taxi Services is Shreveport's best option for superior customer service and personalized transportation for families, business people, families, friends and individuals alike.



Missy S.

I needed a taxi from Shreveport airport to Texarkana, TX and called a couple of places for pricing options. I was told that on the meter the fare would come to 0-200. I negotiated a flat rate of 0 with a driver over the phone, he gave me his phone number, texted me, and waited for my flight to arrive. The car was a clean minivan with the VIP Taxi Logo and the friendly, kind driver drove safely at a comfortable speed. An hour and 15 minutes later, I arrived stress free. Highly recommended if a rental car is not the best option for whatever reason. Good value. Friendly, prompt service. Cash only.


Robert K.

Is there a box for ZERO stars?Okay so VIP gets one star this morning. Yes the cab was on time, yes we arrived alive. I do appreciate these two events. While trying to get three bags out of the house and my 88 year old mother, not one but two people sat in the cab and waited for me to stumble to the back of the car by the trunk. The man sitting in the passenger seat got out and informed me there was no trunk. Upon further inspection, yes, that trunk was fully taped shut. Clear packing tape. I real nice job too. So he took the big bag on his lap and we piled into the  back seat with two other bags and our two carry on bags. Just fantastic. The driver drove like a bat outta hell and because it was cold outside ( and we had jackets on) the interior cabin was cooking with heat. No 'good morning' No is the temperature okay, sorry about the trunk......just blinding speed all the way to the airport. Call someone else .


Ethan F.

Customer service, specifically the head dispatcher, is incredibly rude. Would not book an airport car for me within a 24-hour period until 1-2 hours in advance, at which point I would clearly still be in the air, and told me there was no possible way to do this with her or any other company.DO NOT BOOK WITH THIS COMPANY.


Abby W.

Usually don't have any problems until today. Driver arrived an hour after I requested the pick up. We missed the parade and now its raining. Super frustrated.


Thomas S.

I hsve called on VIP Taxi countless times.Prompt, Professional Friendly service is the bottom line.If you need a safe good ride this is who you call in Shreveport to get there safe and sound.


Erika J.

Called to get a taxi on Cinco de Mayo. The lady asked me what my name is and where I was. I told her, and she said that she wasn't going to send me a taxi because I already called once and cancelled. I was very confused since, that was the first and only time I called. She continued to argue with me that I had already called, and then she hung up on me. I then proceeded to call a different cab service, or so I thought, and the same lady answered the phone, said "same company" and hung up on me. This is why we seriously need Uber.


Jackie M.

I would strongly suggest to anyone to avoid this service.  Here is the list why:1.   Both times taxis where disgustingly dirty.  Trash, cigarette packages strewn everywhere dirty seats and smell of sweat and cigarettes 2.  When calling their dispatch number no one answers. 3.  Both times ride was late.  So much so that I almost missed my flight.  Even though the hotel had called in the night before, and confirmed that morning they were still really late4.  I could here then complain about me in the radioSeriously is this a reflections of the owner or the pathetic city.  No one really gives a crap and this company certainly does not.


Randy B.

25 min late, Finally showed.  Now I get to rush at the airoprt, last time I use this cab service.


Lauren V.

Worst experience ever. I called early in the week to reserve a car for Friday night to drive from a local Shreveport restaurant to a downtown hotel. I was celebrating my birthday with a handful of friends so we were counting on the car to transport us. 15 minutes after it was supposed to arrive I called to see where it was...they had no record of my reservation. They promised me a car would be there in 15 minutes. No car arrived. We found alternate transportation 45 minutes after the car was supposed to get there. No one ever called to find out "where we were" if the car did ever arrive. I called the next week to talk about my experience...no one answered.


Leah T.

I called 2 hours before I needed a ride on January 3rd. I was told a cab would arrive at 12:30am at the time of the call. At 12:50 I called wondering why no car had arrived. They were extremely rude and said no cab would be arriving due to the "business of the night". The manager was not available because it was "too late". I am trying to post a screen shot to prove the timing of our interactions but the website won't allow me to.  I am calling the better business bureau in the morning in an attempt to help any person who actually needs a ride, or at least to terminate the employment of a certain Wade Mackelroy who refused to act in a business like manner when on the phone with me. I would recommend that nobody use this company if you are in need of an ride or any respectful interaction whatsoever.